According to the legend, the town owes its name to Caius Silvius Torpes, a Roman court official of the Emperor Nero. Converted to Christianity, Neron was forced to resign, but Torpes did not want to give up his faith and Neron made him beheaded in the year of 68. His body was placed in a boat with a rooster and a dog. Along with sea currents the boat reached the coast of Saint Tropez. The town’s name was confirmed by the monks of Saint Victor of Marseille, who owned the land of Saint Tropez village in the 11th century. A chapel, Ecclesia Sancti Torpetis, was built in memory of the martyr Torpes.

In this fishing village we found out about many events within the centuries: a refuge for pirates, impressionist painters of the 19th century. The New Wave of the ’60s with Brigitte Bardot, stay for todays’s celebrities and millionaires. Saint Tropez is one of the most famous villages of the French Riviera. Its port with a view to yachts, having a glace coffee in the famous Senequier. The parties at the beach clubs, including Nikki beach, Tahiti, Nioulargo, Club 55 and nightclubs like Papagayo, the VIP room or Les Caves du Roy.

Saint Tropez reflects the lifestyle of Provence, that is to say, nature. With lavender fields and olive trees. The quality of a quiet off-season life playing Petanque! Pristine beaches, clear water, cuisine with land products that can be found every Saturday at the market of La Place des Lices, and of course the fabulous wines and the exquisite rose wine from Saint Tropez.